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Suicidal People are Attention Seeking

And so they should be if it means getting the help they need...

   National Suicide Prevention Day yesterday saw the spreading of love, support and awareness for mental health on social media. Unfortunately, it also laid bare the harmful mindsets surrounding those who choose to speak out about their mental illnesses.

   I ask you this: when you saw this blog post on your feed, did you click on it expecting to read a full blown rant about how mental health sufferers play the victim to get their two minutes of fame?
I don't blame you if you did.

Habits not to get into when you're at University

   Taking flight from the nest to university comes with a great deal of responsibility. You won't feel the weight of it at first but, shortly after all the fun, dancing and boozing at freshers, there will come a time where you must 'adult'.

   Take it from me, a university student who has completed her first year, you will do very well not to pick up any of these bad habits...

Why not to despair if your A Levels didn't work out

   A few days ago, the dreaded annual A-Level results day swarmed mainstream media. Televised everywhere, tantalising truths were disclosed at the tearing of envelopes and tears that followed.

   Were you one of those students? In the heat of the moment, it might feel as if those typed grades will forever be imprinted on your life, defining your self worth, your future and your success. You couldn't be more wrong.